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Anett Kilén Kennedy
Contemporary art that fuses and muses the classical and the modern.
See art at Kunsthuset, Briskebyveien 72, Oslo & Café Fedora, Frognervn./Gabelsgt., Oslo

Contemporary oil paintings, by Anett Kilén Kennedy, playing with the subtle and magical power of light and the energy of composition. Nostalgic and mystical, all at once, as some ghostly memory from a heavenly far-away place, resonating with the viewer long after viewing.  Quote Art in Focus

 My art is a self-confession. Through it I seek to clarify my relationship to the world.  Quote Edward Munch

"Art is intrinsic, it is not a plaything, it is an everyday affair. It does not need a museum for its exhibitions;

it should breath in the common places and inspire us at moments of decision in our work and play."

Quote: William Carlos Williams, 1908. 



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